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The Great Nutrient Collapse and The Role That Crickets Play

I was astonished to read this ground breaking report by Politico about the great nutrient collapse. Mathematician Irakli Loladze's report unveils that with the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we are essentially creating "junk plants" meaning they contain a lot more sugar and a lot less nutrients. Although plants need carbon to photosynthesize, they don't need this much. Climate change deniers often point to this fact that the increase of carbon in the is actually good for plants, but this research finally proves that theory wrong scientifically.  Loladze was the first scientist to publish a report on how carbon effects plant nutrients, which is huge. I consider this to be the most important piece of journalism on agriculture in my lifetime. And with plants providing less nutrients such as protein, iron and calcium then ever before, eating crickets offers an even more important solution to global food supply, especially as plants are a crucial protein source for people in the developing world. READ the full article here.

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