Seek is not just about food, it is a way of thinking that transcends beyond the boundaries of simply everyday snacks. It is a path forward to live with respect and curiosity for the natural world. It is about understanding and upholding this way of life that has sustained us for thousands of years. It is about looking at the crossroads we are at and choosing the real vs. the unreal, nature over chemicals, kitchens over laboratories, and joy over fear.

Seek was launched as a way to celebrate real food, along with the pride, joy, and connectivity that comes with eating the delicious things that nature provides.

Although crickets may be small in size, they are big in possibilities. Crickets and other insects are not only rooted in ancient tradition and gastronomy, but they offer insight into a better way forward. And while the race is on to find alternative proteins, we need to discover that the answers are already here. Now is the time for us to return eating to crickets, the densest protein-rich food on earth.


Seek was created as a solution. Founder Robyn Shapiro always had a close connection to food; her first entry into the business was at the ripe age of 15 when she froze fruit in the middle of the hot Summer and corralled her friends to join her to sell it in Boston's Harvard Square.  Years later, motivated by a broken system around Westerners' increasing and unsustainable desire for meat, Robyn was convinced that crickets provided a fresh solution as they provide comparable amounts of protein, but with far less of an impact on our environment and animals' lives. What began as a series of dinners  with friends at her home, evolved into Seek, allowing people from all around the world to join the movement in eating cricket protein.

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We are proud to be a member of 1% For The Planet, which means we will be giving 1% of all proceeds to food-focused non-profits close to our heart. We are proud to support: 

Edible Schoolyard NYC | Established in 2010, Edible Schoolyard NYC is a nonprofit organization committed to bringing Alice Waters’ vision to New York City public schools. When Alice Waters, acclaimed restaurateur and food activist, created the Edible Schoolyard Project in Berkeley, California in 1995, she knew the best way to teach children the connections between food, health, and the environment was by integrating an edible education program into our schools’ everyday curriculum.

Farms to Orphans | Ensures orphaned and underprivileged children in Africa have a sustainable source of nourishment and access to education. Farms to Orphans builds the agricultural infrastructure needed to farm insects, which are a traditional form of the diet, as well as provide the necessary training to empower a new generation of workers.

Little Herds | Based in Austin, Texas, Little Herds seeks to teach the next generation about insects as a resource efficient, nutritious and delicious food through experiential STEAM based programs; family friendly events; public advocacy outreach; and partnerships with educators, universities and other organizations.